Control without compromise.

The world is constantly evolving, and we need to evolve with it. Why should controlling your comfort be any different? QUE is the most advanced integrated home air conditioning control platform yet. QUE’s high quality components, sleek modern design, and easy to use interface brings home air conditioning controls into the 21st century.

Controlling your comfort has never looked better.

One control platform, so many control options.

With QUE you have more choice in how you control your comfort than any other system, allowing you to pick the option that suits you best.

Master Controller
touchscreen control.
Zone Controller
Control your comfort
inside your zone.
Zone Sensor
Maintain precise
Mobile app

Connect to comfort,
wherever you are.

Connect to comfort from anywhere in the world.

With QUE Connect, controlling your system is possible from anywhere – in your car, on the couch, at the office. All you need is an internet connected mobile device, and a Wi-Fi internet* connection synched to your QUE system.

*Refer to product brochure for compatibility.

Air conditioning tailored to suit you.

Now you can choose different temperatures in different rooms at the same time - no more arguing over what temperature it should be.

Go where wires can't.

Optional wireless Room Sensors and Zone Controllers give you more flexibility, allowing you to enjoy precise temperatures in hard to reach sections of your home.

QUE can grow and change as your family does.

With most air conditioners, once they’re installed in your home that’s it – if you want to change anything, it can be a real headache (and can hurt your wallet too).

Thanks to its wide range of control types and optional wireless installation, it means that as your needs change, QUE can change with it. Simply pick and choose the options that suit you best, when they suit you best.
Let’s say when you had your system first installed, you had a toddler’s room.

You wanted to make sure they were comfortable in their room, but you also wanted to avoid their sticky little fingers causing you problems as they accidentally pressed the wrong buttons. Easy! You’d simply put in a QUE Sense Remote Sensor, which would maintain precise temperatures in their room but would only be controlled via the QUE Touch Master Controller or QUE Connect mobile app.

Now let’s say your toddler has grown up, and they want a bit more control over their comfort in their room. You can simply swap it out for a QUE Zone Zone Controller, which allows them to choose the temperature that suits them best inside their room, or turn the air conditioning on and off.

Alternatively, maybe your family has grown, and now you want to add a sensor to a room that previously didn’t have one? With QUE it’s no problem, you can simply add a QUE Sense Remote Sensor to that room and voila – precise individual temperatures can now be delivered. No wires needed, no difficult installation required.

Truly, a system that can grow and change as your family does.

Save up to 75% or $900 on your energy bills.

The energy savings in an ESP Platinum QUE system can make a huge difference, delivering performance that is up to 75% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, which over 5 years would save up to $4,500 on your electricity costs for cooling alone.

Smarty pants.

QUE has brought the high standards found in today’s smart mobile devices to the world of air conditioning.


5.7″ Full Colour Touchscreen


Dual Core Processor – 1GB RAM


Light & Proximity Sensor


Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Good Design Award Winner

More than just good looks.

We think QUE’s pretty great but it’s always nice when experts agree, which is why we were thrilled when QUE won a Good Design award. The Good Design awards is one of the longest running international design awards in the world, celebrating the very best in all areas of design, architecture and engineering.

Better yet, QUE picked up a Gold award, which are only given to those products that exceed the Good Design criteria.

More choice, covered by a single warranty.

Choose from the widest range of controls, all covered by a single warranty for total peace of mind.

All Australian-made ActronAir ducted systems come with your choice of controls designed by us, for us.

Not only does this give you better performance, it also gives you better peace of mind, thanks to our leading 5 year warranty* that covers the air conditioner AND the control.

Most other air conditoining companies can’t provide you with advanced control features, like individual temperature control, meaning you have to buy expensive aftermarket upgrades from a different company altogether.

Not only are they unable to give you the best comfort and efficiency possible – learn more here – but if something goes wrong, you’re stuck dealing with 2 different companies and 2 different warranties.

*Refer to full warranty terms and conditions.

Exclusively compatible with:
ESP Platinum

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