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Ducted Air Conditioning

If you’re feeling hot under the collar Down Under, there’s no need to look any further for premium comfort than ducted air conditioning. With a ducted air con system, you can control which rooms stay cool at any one time. You can even choose a system that heats as well as cools for when those winter temps dip.

If you’re not sure what your home requirements are, don’t fret. At ActronAir, our engineers know Australia’s climate – and its demands – personally. That’s why we’re recognised for making world-class air conditioners. We’re happy to help you assess just what kind of ducted air conditioning system your home might need, whether space is at a premium or you’d like energy savings plus digital technology. To learn how we keep our customers cool and comfy, please call us at 1300 522 722.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Ducted Air Conditioning?

Various factors affect the price of installing ducted air conditioning. In addition to labour and materials, one must consider the price of the air con unit itself.

Ducted air conditioning, sometimes called central air conditioning, provides whole-of-premise or whole-of-home comfort. A ducted system includes an indoor unit, an outdoor unit, and ducting. Our indoor units tuck out of sight, typically in the ceiling. We’ve designed our outdoor units to fit neatly and vertically along the side of the typical Australian house, delivering greater energy efficiency. The final part of a ducted air con system is the ducting itself, which runs to vents throughout your home or premise to distribute cool air.

With that in mind, if you have a standard one-storey home with a mid-sized living room and three bedrooms, your installation cost will be much less than that of a home with two or more storeys and four or more bedrooms.

Does your home have an existing gas ducted system? If so, you might not need a full-scale installation, but an add-on refrigerated air conditioning solution, such as ActronAir’s Add On Series 2.

Interested in both superb comfort and energy savings? ActronAir’s ESP Plus Series 2 uses Energy Smart Performance (or ESP) digital technology, so you have precise control without wasting energy.

Why not let one of our experienced air con professionals answer your specific questions about your home’s environmental conditions and cooling needs? Just Request A Quote, and we’ll be glad to chat with you in detail about the cost of installing ducted air conditioning in your home.

Is Ducted Air Conditioning Cheaper to Run?

Ducted air con traditionally has had a reputation of being expensive. But considering how essential air conditioning is in Australia, any air con system without a reasonable energy efficiency rating can run up significant costs.

At ActronAir, we have designed our ducted air con systems specifically to suit typical Australian homes and conditions, so that they’re efficient and fast. For instance, our Add On series can get up to maximum capacity almost immediately – never mind the five to ten minutes required of conventional inverters. Reach your level of cooling quicker, then switch off as you need.

If space is tight, our UltraSlim low-profile ducted air conditioning system has a minimal footprint – just 249mm high – with an innovative fan design for quieter air flow. It also includes state-of-the-art features such as programmable timers, so you don’t have to worry about running the air con late into the night or when you’re not home.

Our hardworking and reliable Classic Series 2 enables you to cool or heat your entire house – or just a few areas, saving you money through better comfort control. It also includes an optional NEO control upgrade that can connect your air con controls right to your mobile device (Apple or Android). You needn’t worry about running the air con when no one is home to enjoy it, or you can switch it on a bit before you arrive so that you won’t feel sweltering the moment you walk in the door.

Want better temperature control to save on your electricity bill? Our ESP Plus Series 2, ESP Platinum Que, and Advance series can deliver heating or cooling down to a fraction of a degree – and keep it there. The performance alone of an ESP Platinum or an Advance system can slice thousands off your electricity costs. They’re 75% more efficient than conventional fixed-speed air conditioners. Add that up over five years for an estimated savings of roughly $4,500.

But ActronAir’s ducted air conditioning systems deliver even more precision. The ESP Platinum and Advance designs include Variable Fan Technology, which adjusts the airflow to as low as 20% of total capacity. Other systems only get down to about 60%, meaning you’re paying to condition air beyond your comfort or needs. By adjusting the airflow down further, you can deliver just the right amount of conditioned air around your home.

What’s more, with Energy Smart Zoning, you can turn off the air con to save energy when leaving a room, just as you’d switch off a light. This allows you to split your house into different zones as small as a single room so that you only cool or heat the space you need. Direct conditioned air to the living room while you’re watching TV with the family, then send it to the bedrooms for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Why is ActronAir Your Best Choice for Ducted Air Conditioning?

As an Australian company, ActronAir offers a range of reliable, smart, and energy-efficient products that are uniquely calibrated to fit the Aussie climate, as well as your lifestyle. We’re proud to research and develop better technology, such as the Tru-Inverter of our Advance system, which reaches the desired temperature faster and maintains it to within +/- 0.3°C of the sensor location.

In addition, unlike other systems that might need a breather between short bursts of efficiency, Advance has TruMax functionality, meaning it can run at top capacity when it’s 40°C. With touch screen controllers and upgrades that connect to a mobile app, you can schedule cooling in advance, divide your home into different cooling zones, and take your family’s comfort into your own hands.

To learn more about why ActronAir is your best choice for ducted air conditioning, please call us at 1300 522 722, or Request A Quote to discuss your whole-of-home needs.

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