10 Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When normal circumstances would have us at home for no longer than 4-5 hours a day, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has most Aussies at home all day. Nowadays, a cough and a sneeze bring with them more worry and fear than ever before.

Thankfully, a cough can have many more sources than a virus. The long hours we spend at home due to ongoing quarantine can prove detrimental to respiratory health under conditions of poor air quality. With the hopes of assuaging some of your fears, we at ActronAir present the following ten signs of poor indoor air quality.

1. Respiratory Distress

High concentrations of foreign particles not only constitute poor indoor air quality but can also negatively impact your health. Do not jump to conclusions of infections or diseases before determining the cleanliness of your indoor air. The body induces coughing to force any foreign substances from the lungs, so there’s no need to react with alarm every time your body engages this natural response.

2. Responses Akin to Allergic Reactions

Pollen, mould, dog hair, and many other substances induce bodily reactions that can prove annoying at the very least, and fatal at the worst. Remember that allergic reactions do not always occur outside in nature. These particles, coming from the outdoors, can build up in indoor air vents and cause a constant distribution of allergens throughout a home.

3. Headaches

Either of the previous symptoms can, over time, accumulate to cause chronic headaches and pain. Additionally, pesticides or other chemical fumes can contribute to headaches. In the event you consult with a doctor about ongoing headaches and turn up with no sickness, remember the previous points regarding air quality.

4. Low Energy or Disorientation

Carbon monoxide and other gaseous fumes can significantly disrupt your ability to concentrate, causing fatigue with too much exposure. Additionally, these types of air contaminants can prove dangerous in large enough quantities. Do not wait to resolve the issue if you experience this result of poor indoor air quality.

5. Itchy, Dry Skin

A wide variety of air contaminants can irritate and dry out your skin. Take care, especially you Aussies with sensitive skin, to quickly diagnose and address the issue. If your skin gets irritated and breaks from scratching or excessive exposure, you may be at risk of infection and other serious complications.

6. Mould Infestation

If you manage to confirm mould growth as your indoor air contaminant source, you must act as quickly as possible. Mould regularly releases spores to spread elsewhere, causing allergy symptoms or worse. The increased exposure can lead to respiratory damage, inflammation and more severe conditions with long-lasting implications.

7. Strange Odours

A series of musty, sour or other distasteful smells are not only unpleasant for residents but could also indicate a build-up of more sinister substances. Be sure to conduct a thorough sweep to eliminate the possible sources, including mould, discarded garbage or poor ventilation.

8. Unusual Temperature Fluctuations

An AC system should evenly distribute hot or cold air, depending on the settings. If you start to notice individual pockets in a room of hot or cold air, this may indicate a problem with your AC system. Do not neglect to give your ActronAir repairman a call to come out and diagnose the issue.

9. Overabundance of Dust

Dust never entirely goes away. Constantly accumulating from dead skin cells or outdoor particles, even the most dutiful dusters will never fully eradicate annoying build-up. Don’t dismiss dust as a result of normal build-up if your ventilation system has an issue with it’s filtration.

10. Abnormally High Humidity

Few people enjoy sitting in hot, humid conditions. Even so, too much humidity can introduce risks of more serious problems. The possible sources of high indoor humidity can vary, but your AC system may represent a good starting point.

Indoor air quality may not always dominate your thoughts and priorities, despite its importance. Never compromise on your indoor air quality and the respiratory health of those living in your household. If you have any doubts or questions about your home’s air quality, call ActronAir today for fast and friendly service at 1300 522 722.

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