Is It Time to Replace or Repair Your Air Conditioner?

A homeowner’s worst nightmare can emerge in the form of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit, especially in Australia’s unpredictable climate! Do not let any strange sounds and poor air control associated with your air conditioning alarm you. Sometimes, simple repairs may resolve the issue without the need to buy a whole new unit.

Issues may arise when trying to discern your actual need. We understand that Aussies are not all well-versed in the warning signs. Put your concerns to rest with our advice on deciding whether your unit requires repairs or full replacement.

What Do I Need to Look Out For?

You may first notice strange and unusual sounds, like rattling or repeated tapping from your air conditioning unit. Our customers usually give us initial inquiries based on auditory signs like this.

Your aircon unit may need a trained eye to look it over if you find your system inefficient at controlling the temperature. If neglected, this can manifest itself in a failure to cool down hot rooms or small localised pockets of hot or cold air.

Another sign of trouble might appear on your electric bill. If you see a sudden jump in your monthly bill, your air con unit may be the culprit. This is usually due to the unit’s failure to reduce or raise the climate to the desired temperature, resulting in a unit constantly working without success.

When Is It Time to Call for Repairs?

If you notice any of the previous signs going on for longer than a few days to a week, it may be time to contact a contractor. Sometimes, the issue can have a simple solution, whereas at other times, you may need to take more drastic action.

There is no other way to find this out than to open a unit and scope out the internal problem. At ActronAir, our team members have extensive training and strive to keep our customers informed at every step of the process. No ActronAir technician will ever recommend a full unit replacement if a replacement is unnecessary.

Outside of any emergent situations like the ones mentioned above, we recommend carrying out regular inspections and maintenance to ensure your machine runs at the highest level of quality to keep you comfortable all year long.

Another advantage to doing regular maintenance is keeping your warranty active. Some brands of AC units require semi-annual maintenance for the terms of a warranty to remain valid. This way, if your air conditioning unit encounters a failure, your warranty can help cover the costs of fitting you with a new unit.

Do not neglect your responsibilities for regular inspection and maintenance. ActronAir provides customisable plans to keep your machine covered and help offset costs if a full replacement becomes necessary.

With all of this in mind, our team at ActronAir stands ready as a resource for our customers. Give us a call today and experience what keeps our customers coming back to ActronAir at 1300-522-722.

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