Shopping for an Air Con? Answer These Questions First

Aussies cannot live without air conditioning, and rightly so. With a huge range of weather and temperature conditions sweeping across the continent all year round, homeowners of today rely on their air-con units to regulate the otherwise wild climate.

Many Aussies neglect to think about the proper care and replacement procedures for an air conditioning unit. Do not misunderstand – we know you already have a lot on your mind, so AC may not be your top priority. If you are trying to decide whether the time has come for a new AC unit, ask yourself these questions first.

What is the Climate Like Where I Live?

Australia truly represents as diverse of a series of weather and temperature conditions as you can find. With some regions plummeting to subzero temperatures and others basking in tropical conditions, we highly recommend researching to ensure you make the right purchase.

Not all air conditioners are manufactured equally. We do not expect our customers to have expert industry knowledge regarding the proper types of AC units, that’s why we at ActronAir stand ready to answer your questions.

Some units may suit hotter weather conditions more, whereas others react heavily to humidity in the surrounding environment. Simultaneously, some units primarily focus on distributing cool air, while others only produce heat. A reverse cycle air conditioner may be the solution to fit your property’s conditions. Built to generate both cool and hot air, it comes with our highest recommendation as a reliable all-around unit. Even so, a phone call never hurts; our team are ready to answer any questions you may have.

What is My Lifestyle?

Different air conditioning units have various capacities and capabilities based on the target area’s size and scope. In other words, you must consider the type of residence for which you are shopping. Smaller and more enclosed apartments may require a single unit, whereas larger and more open properties will struggle with a single split system unit.

It would help if you also considered your usual routines and habits. Though a larger house may seem to warrant the purchase of a larger unit, such an investment could be regarded as a waste of your money if you spend all of your time in one room.

Do you and your family hang out in the living room? Does everyone go their separate ways into individual bedrooms? Do you live alone and mostly occupy the kitchen?

Each of the above questions can affect the type of unit best suited to your home. Remember your resources and be sure not to leave out any essential details of your routine.

Will I Need Permission?

About ten percent of Australians reside in apartment complexes, with a even greater number living in rented houses. A crucial aspect of the decision-making process involves whether or not you own your place of residence.

If you do not own your home or apartment, the number of options may be limited. Your landlord may have a concurrent deal or agreement with a particular installer or brand of AC units – typically something of an installation warranty.

If you fail to check with your real estate agent or landlord, you may encounter some issues, especially if you move forward with an AC unit’s purchase. Protect your assets and get informed – check with your landlord about what is permissible on their property.

What Represents the Best Option for Me?

Not every Aussie spends their free time researching the various types of air conditioners available on the market. To help provide a baseline for research, most AC units fall into three categories: split, multi-split, and ducted.

Split systems represent a popular choice for many Aussies. These units feature one unit installed on the inside of your home and one corresponding unit outside. Their popularity stems from their low costs and ease of installation.

Multi-split systems have more than one indoor unit connected to the outdoor unit. This type of AC system’s advantage is that it allows each indoor unit to set different climate settings to the user’s preference. Essentially, you can heat/cool individual rooms at different temperatures.

Ducted, or central air conditioning, systems consist of an outdoor unit connected to an indoor unit that distributes air to desired rooms via air ducts built into the roof and floors. This type of system allows for efficient and consistent control for the climate of a larger property.

If you have not used any of these systems before, do not worry. Our experienced team members at ActronAir ever stand ready to answer your questions and get you connected to the right machine for your home.

What Does it Cost?

In our opinion, a reputable contractor should personalise a customer’s quote. This means you may not encounter a one-size-fits-all type of price on a website.

Contact an ActronAir accredited dealer to get a fast and accurate quote on your next aircon installation.

What Does Installation Entail?

Installation day should be busy for your contractor, but simple for you. We recommend that the only bit of work would be to move furniture out of the way if you foresee any pieces obstructing a technician’s path.

A reputable contractor should keep you informed of the entire process to know when technicians will arrive and when the work should finish. We follow a strict and consistent practice of informing our customers, so you know what happens from start to finish.

Who Can Give Me Advice?

Your contractor should demonstrate a willingness to answer your questions and clear any confusion. You should feel free to tap into your contractor’s knowledge as a resource. In the end, researching and purchasing an air conditioning unit can prove a daunting task, especially for those unfamiliar with the process. Lay your concerns to rest and give ActronAir a call at 1300-522-722.

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