Is Now the Time to Get That Air Conditioner Installed?

We cannot imagine life in Australia without an air conditioner to take the edge off the heat. In fact, Aussies have basked in the cool air for about 80 years since the Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Contractors Association of Australia first introduced AC in our country.

With temperatures ranging anywhere from 20 to 45 degrees Celsius in the summer, it seems like the weather is out to get us. Aussies already have too much to worry about, especially with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the global economic crisis. Get the professional opinion of trusted air conditioning experts at ActronAir on whether an AC replacement is due.

What Signs Should I Look Out For?

Some signs can represent precursors for the end of an AC unit’s life cycle. We recommend calling your repairman if you observe any of the following:

  • Hot or cold spots in a room
  • Constantly running AC unit
  • No changes in ambient temperature
  • Strange, unusual sounds from AC unit

Installing a new air conditioning unit may seem like a high expense, but failing to replace a unit promptly can incur even higher costs. A faulty unit will fail to affect the indoor temperature, causing constant power use that will not stop until the problem is fixed.

Furthermore, studies suggest that excessive and prolonged exposure to heat can contribute to increased difficulty in dealing with stress and anger. You read correctly, Aussies – you can actually get angry more quickly and more severely if your body temperature runs too hot.

With these facts in mind, do yourself and your wallet a favour. Treat yourself with peace of mind and a cool house.

What Can I Expect from the Installation Process?

As with any other large purchase, we recommend all homeowners conduct preliminary research. Reputable air conditioning installers will present a wide variety of options suitable for homeowners in all conditions.

At ActronAir, we prioritise honesty and transparency during the preliminary process. Prospective customers can rest assured of knowing the entire process from beginning to end. Prices and quotes for labour are customised for each customer’s situation.

Ultimately, no one wants to hire someone to do a poor job. Our recommendation for the most honest evaluation of AC installers comes from customer reviews. See what kinds of experiences other customers have had by checking out all the positive feedback left for ActronAir’s services.

Once you find the company for the job, be sure to ask them about their timeline for installation. A reputable contractor can offer a flexible schedule to fit your schedule so the labour will not get in your way.

Installation day can seem overwhelming. Experienced contractors will help eliminate some of the imposition to keep your day moving forward free of obstacles. Be sure to choose someone who can demonstrate good work.

Are Technicians Going to Be in My House?

We understand that hiring a contractor for any repair work can seem daunting. A stranger enters your house to tinker with machines attached to your residence. In some extreme cases, homeowners have even encountered the loss of personal possessions from scam artists posing as contracting companies.

Research, as we mentioned before, will help to protect you from the worst. Do your diligence to vet the true worth of a contractor, since AC installation will require technicians to enter your residence. As a reminder, your research should start with customer reviews.

With all of this said, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has introduced a new set of concerns. A reputable contractor will acknowledge the changes that have taken place and have measures to adjust as needed.

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