Which Cooling Systems are Most Efficient?

When you are searching for an efficient cooling system, it is best to know what you are looking for. Every technology is different, and the cooling that you get varies from one system to another. You also need to understand how to use these units, the climates in which they are most effective, and how often they must be serviced.  

Instead of assuming there is one right way to do this, you should make sure that you have compared all your options and asked for advice from ActronAir. It would be best if you saw the difference between what you think is best and what works. You might be surprised by the results.

What are the Most Efficient Cooling Styles?

Did you know that the differences between all cooling systems are so stark that you need to review them all before making a purchase? You should not buy what your neighbour has or the first system that was recommended to you. You need to know which system works best for your home and overall energy consumption.

Can You Use Natural Cooling Systems?What is My Lifestyle?

No matter what you do, the most efficient system will be the one that is run with photovoltaic cells. The system practically runs for free because you are using solar power to run your AC. it does not get much better than that. You might already have solar panels on their homes, in which case you can add a few more panels to power your new AC unit.

The wrong type of air conditioner can use a lot of power. Depending on the solar systems installed, the air conditioner may consume more power than the solar can provide. Because of this, you might want to add more solar panels to the house. Specific models, such as the Serene 2, in one of our most energy efficient air conditioners yet, with our 2.65kW model reaching the highly sought after 7 star energy rating – making heating and cooling your home very affordable.

You can go for evaporative systems, but they use water to cool the air. Using water to cool all the air that comes in the house is not all that efficient because you are “wasting” water. So whilst you may feel comfortable in the room, you might not feel all that comfortable using litres and litres of water to cool your home when you have better options.

What is Passive Heating & Cooling?

Passive heating and cooling do not use “active” systems such as heaters and air conditioners. How can you expect to keep a home comfortable without an active system? Homes can be designed with the proper ventilation, window shades, natural light, ceiling heights, and other elements so that it can remain in the 20s in the house, even if the temperature outside is in the 40s. You will find some classic homes that were built in this manner, or you can even build a new home using these principles.

Ultimately, you will save a lot of money on heating or cooling because of the design of the house.

What are Inverter Systems?

Inverter systems use a variable-speed motor that does not need to run at full power to keep your home comfortable. These systems will use less energy, but they might be a little more expensive to purchase.

What Does it Cost?

In our opinion, a reputable contractor should personalise a customer’s quote. This means you may not encounter a one-size-fits-all type of price on a website.

Contact an ActronAir accredited dealer to get a fast and accurate quote on your next aircon installation.

You Can Upgrade Your Home Today

When you want your home to be comfortable, you should make sure it is set up correctly. Evaporative systems need adequate ventilation. The preferred cooling method for most Aussies is a energy efficient ducted or split system air conditioner.

The Serene 2 feature’s ECO+ mode – once you reach your preferred temperature you can engage ECO+ mode and Serene will maintain the temperature as efficiently as possible for eight hours, reducing energy consumption by up to 60% compared to normal mode.

The energy savings in an Advance system can make a huge difference, delivering performance that is up to 75% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, which over 5 years would save up to $4,500 on your electricity costs for cooling alone.

You can also go with passive options that vent the house, reduce heat from natural light, and ensure that the house remains comfortable without a cooling system. Other options include double-glazed windows, low-e glass, blackout curtains, and more. No matter which system you use a combination of these options to get the best out of your air conditioner.

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