How Do Smart Air Conditioners Work?

If you’ve ever considered getting a smart air conditioner, you may be wondering: How does it work? How do I connect these air conditioning units to my Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? If you’re in the market for a smart air conditioner, these are probably just two of many questions you have.

This article offers the answers and insights you need to make not only a smart home but also a smart buying decision. That way, you can enjoy perfect temperature control and optimised energy usage with minimal time and effort.

What Makes an Air Conditioner Smart?

A smart device connects to other networks or devices in your home through different wireless protocols, like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. That applies to smart air conditioners, as well as smart doorbells, phones, and refrigerators. Smart connectivity allows you to program and use your AC unit any time and from anywhere.

The first step involves connecting your smart air conditioner to the Wi-Fi. You can do so with the appropriate smartphone app. Once you complete this process, you’ll have access to remote controllability over Wi-Fi or mobile data.

What Can Smart Air Conditioners Do?

Forget about turning your smart air conditioner on and off. The system can do more than Hugh Jackman. Here are some of the features associated with smart air conditioning units:

  • Remote climate control and airflow
  • Automated airflow adjustments using temperature control sensors
  • Automated temperature adjustment via motion sensors
  • Voice-activated commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Check filter indicators
  • Customised temperature scheduling for maximum energy efficiency

All of these features make your indoor space more comfortable. They can also save you a lot of money on heating and cooling bills. Your smart air conditioning will operate more efficiently, optimising the amount of energy it needs to keep your home at an ideal temperature year-round.

How Does a Smart AC Unit Work?

With most air conditioners, once they’re installed in your home that’s it – if you want to change anything, it can be a real headache (and can hurt your wallet too).

Thanks to its wide range of control types and optional wireless installation, it means that as your needs change, NEO can change with it. Simply pick and choose the options that suit you best, when they suit you best.

You wanted to make sure they were comfortable in their room, but you also wanted to avoid their sticky little fingers causing you problems as they accidentally pressed the wrong buttons. Easy! You’d simply put in a NEO Sense Remote Sensor, which would maintain precise temperatures in their room but would only be controlled via the NEO Touch Master Controller or NEO Connect mobile app.

With NEO Connect, controlling your system is possible from anywhere – in your car, on the couch, at the office. All you need is an internet connected mobile device, and a Wi-Fi internet connection synched to your NEO system. NEO now also works with Amazon Alexa.

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