What Is Inverter Air Conditioning?

If you are looking to upgrade your air conditioning system or buy a new unit entirely, you will find yourself faced with a wide range of options on the market. When it comes to the type of compressor within the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, there are two main types, fixed speed and variable speed (or an inverter).

If you are looking at an inverter air conditioner and find yourself scratching your head and feeling lost, here’s the simple answer to what it is and how it works.

How Does It Work?

An inverter air conditioner is a system that uses an inverter compressor. This compressor has variable speeds that can adjust or modulate based on the demand of the system. This means that if you need to use less power based on the conditions, temperature or area of operation, they can wind down to meet that demand.

With an inverter system, you can save money by consuming less power. Inverter systems can also easily adapt to suit your comfort levels, they can adjust their capacity to eliminate any fluctuations throughout the usage. Inside an inverter, the motor will control the compressor’s speed, which will influence the refrigerant flow of your unit.

An easy way to spot an air conditioner that isn’t an inverter is that you will notice the unit will stop and start pumping air to maintain the temperature. This on and off feature not only is disruptive but consumes more power. Non-inverter systems don’t have the adjustable features that an inverter has. They operate by either switching the motor on or off. Due to this, inverter air conditioning systems are often referred to as being more energy-efficient. This is thanks to large brands who have been actively marketing the benefits of inverter technology for years as part of their campaign.

While inverter systems have many benefits, there is nothing overly special about them, except that they have become the industry standard across every brand. ActronAir is one of the only brands that offer non-inverter products as a part of our core product lineup. However, this is set to change over to inverter only products in 2022.

Does It Matter What System You choose?

Inverter vs fixed speed, is there a difference? When comparing both systems, inverters are typically more powerful and more reliable in extreme heat. An inverter is very similar to a car, increasing the speed of the motor at the start to get everything going and then adjusting operations after.

When it comes to an inverter system, you will find that it can be used in small or large areas and are generally more effective when it comes to cooling. An inverter unit will also have no voltage fluctuation and hence can be safer for residential wiring as there will be less power consumed.  

If you are looking for more longevity, you will be happy to learn that inverter systems typically last longer than other systems. This is thanks to their efficiency that doesn’t cause as much strain on your motor and components.

What’s So Special About the ActronAir Range?

ActronAir has a wide range of systems that make us unique. While you will find most brands only have two systems, we have more options for you to choose from.

Our range includes:

  • The Advanced Ducted System. This system is one of the world’s leading Tru-Inverter compressors with variable speed scroll and temperature ranging from -15°C – 54°C.
  • The Classic Series 2. This ducted system is engineered to deliver better comfort with better control, to heat or cool your whole house, or just a few areas with and temperature ranging from -10°C – 50°C.

When it comes to our inverters, they have a number of benefits. Our Tru-inverter systems come with TruMax technology. This allows our systems to provide powerful cooling for longer, even in extreme temperatures. Even after other inverter systems have slowed down, our TruMax technology will still be going strong.

Our inverters are accurate and will maintain temperatures to within +/-0.3°C at the sensor location. They can also slow down 20% of their total capacity, which outranks any other type of inverter in Australia. Our air conditioner units are Australian designed and built because who knows Australian weather better than someone from your own backyard.

Final Thoughts: Is an Inverter the System for You?

Deciding on what air conditioner system you choose shouldn’t be a hard one, but with the number of options, it can be easy to feel lost.

If you are interested in inverters, you can’t go past Australia’s best. Inverter systems have been proven to be more energy-efficient, more reliable and provide more comfort. At ActronAir we have world-class systems available to ensure reliability and comfort when you need it most.

If you have questions about whether or not an inverter will best suit you, you can ask our ActronAir team.

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