Why You Should Use the Timer on Your Air Conditioner

Setting a timer or schedule is one of the many beneficial functionalities of air conditioners. In these days of smart homes and other smart technologies, a timer is one of those air conditioning components that can be seamlessly integrated with other digital devices.

What is an Air Conditioner Timer?

A timer is an air conditioner function that is used to switch the air conditioner on or off based on a schedule. In other words, you need to set the timer to act after a particular time of the day. For instance, you can set your timer to turn off the air conditioner by 1 p.m.

Some modern air conditioning units come with built-in on/off timers. Such air conditioners are usually compatible with other IoT devices like smartphone and tablet applications and remote controllers for setting weekly or daily schedules. It is also possible to purchase and install a dedicated AC controller that is designed to have a timer and some other smart features. The NEO countdown timer by ActronAir allows you to set a time after which your system will automatically turn off or on.

Benefits of Using a Timer on Your Air Conditioner

As mentioned above, timers can be beneficial when it comes to operating air conditioners. Below are some of their pros.

Simple, Convenient, and Automated

A timer is very simple to operate and can make life very convenient. As soon as you set your air conditioner’s timer to act after a particular time, there is no further need to be physically present to manually switch the unit on or off because your timer is automated to perform the task once given the instruction.

Weekly Scheduling

Most AC remotes will only allow you to switch your AC on and off. This is in contrast to a smart AC controller such as ActronAir’s WC-02 Series controller or LR7 Series Controller, which can help you plan your AC usage for the whole week and more. With such longer-term functionality, you are saved the stress of having to operate a remote-controlled AC timer frequently.

Provides the Temperature Conditions You Need in Advance

With a functional AC timer, your room or office will have whatever cool temperature you desire, even in your absence. For instance, assuming you intend to arrive at your home by 6 pm, you can set your timer to switch on your unit by 5.30 pm so that your home will be as cool as you desire before your arrival.

Saves Energy

A timer enables you to regulate your AC optimally, even in your absence. Switching off the AC automatically when it is not needed is not only convenient but will also decrease both your energy consumption and electricity bills. ActronAir AC units provide maximum value through energy efficiency and high performance.

Choose a Wide Range of ActronAir Controls

All Australian-made ActronAir ducted systems come with quality controls. Choose from the widest range of controls for better performance and peace of mind, thanks to our leading 5-year warranty that covers the air conditioner and the remote.

Most other air conditioning companies can’t offer you advanced control features such as individual temperature control, meaning you have to buy expensive aftermarket upgrades from a different company altogether. Not only are they unable to provide you with maximum comfort and efficiency, but if something goes wrong, you’re stuck dealing with two different companies and two different warranties. Talk to an ActronAir specialist today!

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