Air Conditioner Myths & Misconceptions

Air conditioners have been around for decades. But there are several lingering misconceptions surrounding them, giving them an undeserving bad rap.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Air conditioners can be one of the best investments you can make to improve your life. It’s time we dispel these myths once and for all, so you can lock away your apprehensions about using air conditioners securely, and for good.

Let’s roll.

Myth #1: Air conditioners can only be used in summer

Air conditioners may conjure up images of hot summer days, but did you know that these machines can actually be used in other seasons too?

Despite the fact that air conditioners have become incredibly common home appliances, there is still a significant number of people who only associate them with hot summer days and fail to realise their potential in other seasons. This lack of knowledge has led to many people buying air conditioners only for the duration of summer months, missing out on other incredible uses for them all year round.

Not only do air conditioners provide cooling in warm weather, but they also provide an economical way to achieve the desired temperature for homes and offices even during winter time. With a few adjustments, you can use your air conditioner as a heater and ensure that your home environment is cosy and comfortable during harsh winter days.

Setting temperatures isn’t the only thing that air conditioners can do. They can also get rid of stale air, remove moisture, make sleeping much more comfortable all year long and keep your home at the best temperature for a family movie night, even in winter.

Myth #2: Air conditioners are difficult to maintain

Also not true.

While many people think that air conditioners are difficult to maintain, the truth is that it’s not that difficult. As is the case with any other electrical appliance, it’s up to you how much maintenance your air conditioners will demand.

Something as simple as regularly changing or cleaning the filter will help ACs run better, cooler, and more efficiently. Cleaning around the outdoor unit, removing clutter such as leaves and other obstructions can also increase their performance. Replacing old parts is another way to help keep an AC running optimally, along with regular maintenance to reduce unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

The best way to keep your air conditioner running properly, efficiently, and reliably is to get it fully serviced regularly by professional technicians. They know exactly what type of servicing your unit needs and can advise you on any other issues that may arise.

Myth #3: Running air conditioners daily is expensive

This particular misconception is a remnant of the last century. While it’s true that running air conditioners daily did burn a hole in the proverbial pocket. But now, with energy-efficient technology, that simply isn’t the case.

The average costs of using ACs to cool homes in major cities like Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney comes to around $1.11 per hour. The heating costs are only a little higher at $1.50 per hour. You can bring down these costs even further by using a variety of energy saving tips.

In contrast, running regular appliances like ovens and dryers can be a major cost to households, in terms of energy bills. According to recent estimates, these appliances can cost up to $1.33 per hour for an oven and $3.14 per hour for a dryer, making up a sizable chunk of your spending each month.

Myth #4: Air conditioners get noisy when they are on

Assuming all air conditioners make noise couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are some air conditioners that can get quite loud, it’s unfair to lump every single one into this category. With so many different models being available on the market today, would you be really surprised that there are air conditioners that are both effective and quiet?

And even for the ones that are a little bit noisy, how noisy exactly do you think they get?

The average sound levels of humming ACs are about 35 dBA, with some ACs being able to drop their noise levels to as low as 24 dBA.

Compare these noise levels to the everyday noises:

  • Rustle of leaves – 20-35 dBA
  • Refrigerator – 30-40 dBA
  • Quiet library – 35-45 dBA
  • Ceiling fans – 60-70 dBA

But it’s possible for air conditioners to get louder if there is something wrong with them. The sound can range from buzzing, humming, rattling to grinding. Constant loud noises in your air conditioner also might mean that the motor needs to be repaired or replaced, which would require professional help.

Other common causes for excessive noise levels could include issues with condenser fan blades being damaged or stuck, compressor parts such as refrigerant coils becoming blocked and the air filter getting clogged. It’s important to diagnose the source of the noise and have it fixed before more serious damages accrue.

Myth #5: Air conditioners cause global warming

There is a widespread misconception that ACs are a major contributor to climate change. What makes this worse is the lack of knowledge about air conditioners’ energy efficiency, particularly in older models.

But most newer models have high-efficiency features like fans with variable speeds and variable capacity compressors. Regular maintenance and annual tune-ups all help an air conditioner work better, last longer and be better for the environment.

It is also just as vital to inform the public on the many ways in which these appliances can be used to effectively cool buildings and homes while minimising their impact on the environment.

Myth #6: Only energy-efficient air conditioners provide savings

Contrary to a widespread myth, energy-efficient air conditioners are not the only solution to reducing energy costs. The size of an air conditioning unit is equally important when it comes to optimising energy consumption.

Choosing an AC that is not correctly sized for the room(s) or area you need cooled or heated can lead to higher operating costs and longer running times. 

Size does matter when it comes to air conditioning systems. To ensure that your AC runs optimally and efficiently, you must take extra care when choosing an air conditioner of the right size and consider how often it will be used.

ActronAir: Made in Australia, built for Australia

ActronAir is Australia’s favourite provider of hi-tech ACs. We have been cooling and heating Australian homes since 1984 with a range of world-class air conditioning systems. We are a proudly Australian-owned company with an impressive selection of air conditioners and other climate control products that are approved by the highly acclaimed Australian Made program

We provide top-of-the-line air conditioners to both homes and businesses across Australia. We are proud to offer a broad range of world-class products that can meet any cooling and heating requirement, from single-room systems through to complex ducted systems for entire residential or commercial properties.

Whether you’re looking for a slimline split system for your family home or require an energy-efficient solution for an office space, you can rely on us to provide the perfect air conditioning solution tailored to meet your exact needs.

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