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We’re excited to announce that our brand-new HVAC selection platform ActronSelect is now available.

Watch out the video to see the how ActronSelect will make your commercial HVAC selections faster, more accurate and more accessible than ever before.

User Guides

View some quick and easy video guides on how to make the most of ActronSelect.

End-to-end selection

Designed from the ground up to be intuitive and simple, ActronSelect allows you to make HVAC selections in under 5 minutes. Watch the video to see the process from end-to-end. Easy!

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See below for all the most frequently asked questions.

This is generally caused by an out-of-range input. 

  1. Check that the indoor coil entering dry bulb and wet bulb are within range. (check using the performance tables) 
  1. Check that the outdoor coil entering conditions are within range with reference to the indoor coil entering conditions. (check using the performance tables) 
  1. Check that the indoor air flow is compatible with the capacity requirements. (a quick reference is to use 52l/s per kW of total capacity) 

Use the “Forgot my password” feature at the Login page. 

Once you move or change companies your previous employer can request that you be declined access to work you have completed while in their employment.  

This can easily be rectified by re-registering with your new employers’ company. Simply register using the Registration process at the login page. 

Type in a key word in the search function at the top of the projects page and ActronSelect will search the “Project Name”, “Project Client” & “Project Address” fields and return any Projects that contain the key word. 

No, you do not need to enter a value. 

If you do enter a value, it will be compared against the equipment selections. If the equipment selection has a maximum external static value less than your input external static value, for your air flow requirement, it will be highlighted in red font. 

No. you will only need to change the fan setting to match your external static requirement with the air flow.  

The fan tables in the Product Technical Data show the fan table and settings for air volume verses external static. 

Use the TAB Key to move to the next field, multiple presses to skip fields. 

For a heating and cooling performance output the minimum requirement is: Supply Air volume.

ActronSelect uses default values as shown below, when you do not specify any values: 

Indoor Entering air onto the evaporator:

  • 27db°C / 19wb°C for Cooling
  •  20db°C for Heating 

Outside air temperature onto the condenser:

  • 35°C for Cooling
  • 7db°C / 6wb°C for Heating 

ActronSelect only returns values based on your input values. So, if you were to only enter an air flow value, then ActronSelect will return all systems with this air flow value and no other data will be shown as it was not requested through your input requirements. 

ActronSelect uses Outdoor Conditions to calculate the mixed indoor air temperatures. The mixed indoor air temperatures are then used as the indoor evaporator “Entering Air Conditions” for equipment selections.    

You can set Outdoor Conditions in 2 different ways – via pre-populated location settings, or by inputting your own custom conditions.  

The Condenser Air Properties are used as the air onto the condenser coil for equipment selection. With that in mind, it’s common for the Condenser Air Properties to be set anywhere from 2-5°C above or below the Outdoor Conditions, to build in a “safety margin” in unit performance.  This might sound like a small difference, but It can make a big impact on your selections, which is why it’s important to understand how ActronSelect applies them to your project. 


Please see user guides and FAQs for common support issues. For any questions regarding inputing data, please contact your ActronAir Representative.

For additional support please email

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