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How does my ActronAir split system protect my health?

Our Serene series comes packed with functions designed to keep you and your family as safe as possible:

Gold Standard Protection
Serene’s indoor and outdoor coils come with gold fin epoxy coated protection as standard, which is shown to prevent bacteria from breeding. Furthermore, it protects your system from corrosion in our harsh Australian conditions, and assists in the defrosting process.

Super Ionizer technology
Serene’s unique Super Ionizer technology releases positive and negative ions, which eliminate odour, dust, smoke and pollen particles, keeping your air fresh and healthy.

Breathe easy with the High Density Filter
Serene comes with a High Density Filter included as standard, shown to remove up to 80% of dust and pollen in the air.

Self Clean Mode
When you activate Self Clean, the indoor unit cleans itself with a four-stage cycle that minimises the build-up of dust and mould growth. The innovative technology washes away the dust, mould, and grease that may cause odours when it adheres to the evaporator by automatically freezing and then rapidly thawing the frost.

The internal wind wheel then keeps operating to blow-dry the evaporator, thus preventing the growth of mould and keeping the inside clean and performing as efficiently as possible.

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