The Innovation Hub.

The largest R&D facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Opened in 2018, our Marsden Park HQ is a state of the art manufacturing facility that is home to the Innovation Hub, the largest dedicated HVAC R&D facility in the Southern Hemisphere.

Psychrometric Calorimeter

Specified to precisely test our entire product range, from split ducted systems through to non-ducted & multi head systems, these rooms accurately measure system performance using air enthalpy in controlled indoor & outdoor conditions, and give us an extremely high level of confidence in the performance claims we make.

We have 3 x Psychrometric Calorimeter rooms on-site, allowing us to test a wide range of different systems including the only room in Australia that can test systems up to 200kW in capacity:

Anechoic Sound Room

We can isolate specific sounds and frequencies and precisely measure the sound performance of our systems in the Anechoic Sound Room, allowing us to test to the EN 12102:2013 standard and resulting in optimised product designs for quieter air conditioners.

The Anechoic Sound Room includes a number of innovative sound reducing design features:

  • Over 1,500 custom acoustic wedges that absorb sound within the room, creating a ‘dead space’ effect
  • A 250mm thick concrete floor (supporting over 60 tonnes of weight isolated from the rest of the facility), which allows for highly accurate sound testing without impact from other areas of the Marsden Park HQ facility·
In fact, it’s so good at absorbing noise in the room that some people are susceptible to losing their balance when inside, due to a loss of noise feedback in their inner ear.

Reverberation Testing Room

Also used to test the sound performance of our systems, the Reverberation Room is big enough to accommodate large commercial systems.

Completely lined with stainless steel, every supporting column is earthed to isolate the room from EMC interference, allowing it to function as an EMC testing facility to meet the AS NZS CISPR 14.1 – 2003 Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Airflow Chamber

Used to test fans on our systems to ensure they perform as required, the Fan Chamber can test airflow from 200 – 6,000 L/s, and from 0-500Pa static pressure.

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