Designed to perform in Australian conditions.

Australian-made ActronAir systems come packed with Tru-Blue Technology, a range of features custom designed to provide better comfort and more energy efficient performance in one of the harshest climates on Earth.

Guaranteed to work in hotter temperatures.

Complete Comfort Cover technology means you can count on our systems to be there for you when you need them most.

Not all air conditioners are guaranteed to keep operating in extreme heat, with some of the biggest and best
known brands only rated up to 46ºC. Any hotter than that, and there’s no guarantee they’ll keep working.

We’re a little different.

We know that in Australia when the temperatures outside soar, you need an air conditioner that can handle it. That’s why
all of our Australian made ducted systems are guaranteed to keep operating in temperatures up to at least 50ºC.

More powerful cooling in extreme heat.

Power Cooling technology keeps you comfortable, even in extreme heat.
The funny thing with air conditioners is that the amount of cooling they can provide you, known as their capacity, gets worse as temperatures get hotter. Unique Power Cooling technology means that our systems maintain their ability to keep you comfortable far better, with our Classic able to provide up to 85% more cooling at 46ºC than conventional inverter systems.

Designed to suit Australian homes.

Vertical Discharge works better in Australian conditions.
You may not know this, but when a split ducted air conditioner is cooling your home, the outdoor unit has to release hot air in order to operate. With most systems this hot air is discharged sideways, whereas all Australian-made ActronAir systems release this hot air vertically – hence, Vertical Discharge. It sounds simple, but it’s actually really important.

You see, we know that in Australia most outdoor units are installed down the side of the house, up close to a fence. So if an air conditioner releases hot air sideways it simply hits the fence and bounces back, surrounding the air conditioner with hot air. And the longer it runs, the more hot air it’s surrounded by.
If your air conditioner is trying to keep you cool, surrounding it with hot air is not the best idea. It can dramatically lower the amount of cooling the system can provide, leaving you hot, sweaty and uncomfortable right when you need cooling the most. In some cases it can even lead to total breakdowns, leaving you with no air conditioning at all.

And it’s not just your comfort that suffers. As your system struggles to perform surrounded by hot air, it can also lose more energy efficiency the longer that it runs, which can lead to much higher energy bills than you had been expecting.
With our systems, instead of discharging the air into the fence they simply expel the hot air into the space above the unit. It’s a simple solution, but it has a big impact – testing shows that a leading global brand’s system lost more than 1/3 of its cooling capacity when operating next to a fence, whereas our system powered on virtually unchanged.

More comfortable, more reliable, and more energy efficient.
Vertical Discharge – just one of the ways in which ActronAir systems are designed to perform better in Australian conditions than any other brand.

Built Aussie Tough.

ActronAir systems are designed to last in our uniquely challenging climate.

Powder Coating

Provides a tough and durable finish that’s highly resistant to corrosion, flaking and scratching.

Louvered Grille

Keeps your unit protected from the elements like direct sunlight hail, or stray balls kicked by children playing in the backyard.

Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coil Coat

Provides additional protection to reduce corrosion and increase durability in high temperature and salt-laden environments.
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