Why choose ducted air conditioning?

There are many great reasons to choose ducted air conditioning. Convenience, control, perfect temperatures and efficiency are just a few. Trying to find the right air conditioner is always so complex because there are so many different choices and variables. Despite this, ducted air conditioning is often seen as the best, particularly for bigger spaces.

Whenever we think of summer, we dread those hot and sticky days. With a ducted air conditioner, you can make sure that your whole home has the perfect temperature – your own little bubble of paradise against the sweltering outdoor heat. Before we get into all of the great benefits of ducted air conditioning, we have to understand exactly what it is.

What is ducted air conditioning?

It’s an air conditioning system that involves a central fan coil which is hidden in your roof. This is connected to each of your rooms through a network of ducts. This allows you to cool your entire home, and with some systems you can even set different temperatures in different rooms, at the same time. Ducted air conditioning systems can be installed in new home builds or installed/replaced in existing homes.

Why choose ducted air conditioning?


One of the great things about a ducted air conditioning system is that it’s almost invisible. All you will be able to see is nondescript vents in the ceiling. Having a ducted system makes it much easier to plan your interior design. Not having to worry about a large, boxy split system or wall unit means that you can style your home to be much more aesthetically pleasing.

It can be hard to have a minimalist design when you have an air conditioner hanging obnoxiously on your wall, and a big unit will only get in the way of any more elaborate room designs. The comparative lack of visibility when it comes to ducted air conditioners makes them the best choice for those who want their home to look its best.

Zoning and control

One of the great advantages of ducted air conditioning is the amount of control you have. Not only do ducted systems enable you to cool your entire house, some systems also allow you to control the individual temperatures of each room. You can turn zones off if no one is using them, which will save you on electricity. You can also customise the temperature in different parts of the house.

This is why ducted air conditioning is such a great choice for families who respond differently to temperature. With ducted air conditioning, there won’t be one person freezing in the bedroom covered by blankets while someone else roams around the living room sweating in shorts. Both areas can be set to the preferred temperature in each respective space.

The control systems are extremely versatile and make it simple to maintain the perfect temperature in each area. They keep the air distribution even, so that there are no hot or cold parts of your house. The comfort that zoning gives you will mean that there are far less arguments between people who want the temperature changed. It’s also possible to have a reverse cycle ducted air conditioner, which means that you can be just as comfortable in winter.

Efficiency and saving money

One thing that most people don’t realise about ducted air conditioning is that it can be energy efficient and save you money. Yes, there is often a higher upfront cost for installing the system, but this can be offset over the life of the air conditioner with more efficient cooling and lower electrical bills.

If you have a space that is large enough to need two or more split systems, then ducted air conditioning will normally turn out to be much cheaper to run. Having a single system reduces the amount of redundancy and helps maintain a comfortable temperature without greater energy expense.

The problem with split system air conditioners is that they are designed to only cool one room at a time. This gets increasingly complex when you want to force the system to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. It will also increase the running costs and often make ducted air conditioning a cheaper system to run. If you were planning on getting split system air conditioners installed in each room, the installation costs of a whole ducted unit can often be cheaper.

Another way that ducted air conditioners can help you to save money is with zoning. This allows you to shut off the zones that aren’t being used. This customisability is great for saving money while also reducing the footprint on the environment.

Peace and quiet

A constant frustration of wall and window unit air conditioners is the constant drone. Some people can’t sleep through it, while others find that they need all of the other noise levels to go up just to compete with it. This can quickly make a house very chaotic. Thankfully, some ducted air conditioners are almost silent. They provide such a relief from the stress and the noise of our hectic days. Who would have guessed that something so quiet could have so much cooling power?

Convinced that ducted air conditioning is king?

There is so much to like about ducted air conditioning. It has superior cooling power and is capable of running much more efficiently in numerous situations. If you were thinking about getting a multi split system, you will be pleasantly surprised by your energy bill if you go with a ducted air conditioner instead.

The better aesthetics of ducted air conditioners also can’t be overlooked. They give you so much more freedom to be creative if you are designing a new house and won’t cause as much of a disruption to the design if you are fitting air conditioning to an existing house. Having a system that runs almost noiselessly will also be a blessing.

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