Reverse Cycle Ducted Air Conditioning

With winter well and truly here, what better time to start thinking about how we’ll keep our homes warm! There are numerous ways to heat your home, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

The two most common home heating systems in Australia include reverse cycle ducted air conditioners and gas heaters.

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioning is designed to help ease your electricity bills in both winter and summer. They offer several benefits over gas heating in terms of affordability, safety, energy efficiency, flexibility, air purification and eco-friendliness.

What are reverse cycle air conditioners?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are similar to standard air conditioners, except that they can also heat your home. They use energy to capture heat from the outside air and bring it inside rather than creating heat.

While reverse cycle air conditioners may have a higher upfront cost, you must also consider their dual function as a cooling unit. Because many Australians consider air conditioning to be a necessity in the summer, a reverse cycle system may not be as costly as it appears. These systems can also help you save space in your home by requiring only one unit instead of two, such as a heater and an air conditioner.

The cost of running a reverse cycle air conditioner is determined by where you live and the cost of electricity. Solar panels can also help you save money if you have them installed in your home. In fact, a study conducted by the University of Melbourne found that reverse cycle heating was less expensive to operate than gas heating in every city studied.

Reverse cycle air conditioners have a thermostat that allows you to adjust and maintain the ideal temperature in your home, so you don’t waste energy on overheating. In terms of environmental impact, it all depends on the type of energy you use. Coal is used to power much of Australia, which has a significant environmental impact. Solar panels may help with some of this, but unless you have battery storage, you’ll be heating your home at night when the panels aren’t working.

Final Thoughts

Reverse cycle air conditioning is designed to help you save money on your electricity bills, no matter what season it is. They have a number of advantages over gas heating in terms of cost, safety, energy efficiency, flexibility, air purification, and environmental friendliness.

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