Features and Benefits of Air Conditioner Units that You Didn’t Know

Air conditioners are cool. But did you know that they are truly and actually ‘cool’? Air conditioners today are not what they used to be in the past. ACs today can do more than cool or heat your home during blazing summers and harsh winters. Here are five features and benefits of air conditioners that you didn’t know but should:

Purify the air

Allergies, soulless sneezing, and sniffles: these are the stuff of nightmares. What you probably didn’t know is that some air conditioners have built-in air purifiers that capture and eliminate all those pesky allergens and pollens and kick pet dander out of your home so that you can breathe easy and sleep peacefully.

Your AC will work tirelessly to keep allergens far away from you and get rid of stale air, so you can live free and clear of sneezing fits.

Who needs to buy a separate air purifier when your AC can do it all for you? It’s like getting two for one—well, sort of, anyway! No more baking in the summer heat or worrying about stuffy indoor air—you can cool off and feel refreshed all at once.

Gets rid of the excess moisture

Humidity is a part of life, and so are the sweltering temperatures that can sometimes make it seem like living in an oven. You could try turning on all the fans in the house or even drape wet towels all over your body to put an end to your sweaty struggles.

Or, you could get an air conditioner with dehumidification mode, something like the Serene 2 ACs.

With their built-in dry mode that removes excessive moisture from the air, you can finally enjoy quick relief from the moisture and dampness that have been plaguing you for months. Your next air conditioning unit can totally be the unsung hero in helping to remove all that extra moisture in your home. If there’s been too much sweat and tears throughout the day, don’t worry—your HVAC system can save the day.

They can be anti-microbial

Another lesser-known fact is that some ACs can save us from the dangers of mould, bacteria and viruses.

Fans with anti-microbial surfaces prevent the build-up of mould, bacteria, and other pathogens by emitting a controlled stream of air that prevents these microbes from settling onto surfaces. By disturbing the airflows within a room, the fan creates a constantly changing environment that is more difficult for microbe colonies to settle in. As such, it reduces the risk of mould and bacteria growth significantly.

Smart thermostats can help you save tons of money

You may have heard about inverter ACs that rock variable fan speeds, but did you know that in addition to controlling the temperature inside your house, they now also come equipped with smart thermostats? What this means is that your AC can actually be smarter than you and it can help you save money on your energy bills –  all without you having to constantly manually adjust anything.

Ducted air conditioner units with smart thermostats are like superheroes in the world of home energy conservation. With ActronAir’s Individual Temperature Control, they make sure you don’t feel too hot or chilly without making you pay through your nose.

It sounds too good to be true, but it isn’t. With the help of smart technology, these thermostats run on logic and save you money while they help keep your house at a comfortable temperature. Just switch them on and let them do their job!

You can have different temperatures in different rooms

Does anyone in your household need to live in a freezer while you heat up your bedroom like a terrarium? No, that’s unsustainable and probably not safe – but with multi-split ACs, you can now have total control of the temperature.

Multi-split air conditioners provide the ultimate comfort and convenience, allowing you to set different temperatures in multiple rooms, all at the same time. How do these amazing machines achieve this?

By utilising multiple indoor units connected to a single outdoor condenser, each room is able to control its own temperature independently of each other. This keeps everyone comfortable and allows for individual control of the temperature in each room according to personal preferences. The technology also ensures that energy isn’t wasted by cooling a whole house when only one or two rooms are occupied.

Your mum can set her own cosy temperature in the living room, and your dad can blast the chillness to his heart’s content in his office. Isn’t that wonderful? No more fighting about AC temperatures! It’s literally music to everyone’s ears.

Final word

Air-conditioning units have come a long way; they are no longer restricted to just cooling the air. Modern units now offer moisture reduction, automated temperature regulation and energy savings with variable speed compressors. With these advances, you can enjoy comfortable living spaces all year round without breaking the bank.

Get ActronAir

ActronAir is an Australian-owned company whose products have been proudly made in Australia since they first opened their doors almost 40 years ago. Their air conditioners are their star products and applicable units have the seal of approval from Australian Made, assuring customers that the product is reliable, robust, and represents quality craftsmanship.

With ActronAir ACs, you know you are getting a top-of-the-line product that has been built with care and attention.

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