Tips to save money on your air conditioning

Everyone loves cool air blowing on their faces during the hot and humid summers. But they also hate seeing their energy bills skyrocket when they use their air conditioners too much. Well, we have some good news for you. It’s possible to save money on air conditioning without compromising your comfort or quality of life. Here is how:

Leverage your AC’s smart features

Almost all air conditioners (AC) these days come packed with smart features. One feature that is common to most is the ‘Sleep Mode’. This mode automatically adjusts the temperature throughout the night depending on how cool the room is and the stage of your sleep. What this ultimately does is keep your air conditioning costs down by continuously upping the temperature when it needs to and lowering it when it needs to.

If you think it’s still too much of your AC being powered on, you can use your AC’s timer instead and set it to turn off a couple of hours after you fall asleep.

Service your AC regularly

It’s surprising how many people don’t get their AC serviced. A dirty or clogged AC can consume more energy and produce less cooling. This can increase your electricity bills and make you sweat comparatively more. But by servicing your air conditioners, you can ensure that they are clean and working properly.

Servicing your AC can prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. Your AC needs care and attention just like any other home appliance. A neglected AC can develop problems such as leaks, noises, and smells, along with weaker performance. Regular AC servicing can not only improve its efficiency and performance but also extend its lifespan and save you money in the long term.

Make use of your AC’s economy mode

Most air conditioners today have an “Economy Mode” or a “Low-power mode.” This mode is a godsend for hundreds of thousands of Australians who want to cut down on their AC costs while still being sufficiently cosy and comfy in the scorching heat. Your ACs will run at a lower cooling capacity, meaning it will take longer to cool your room and maintain a higher temperature than usual.

Now, you may think that you are getting a raw deal, but that’s simply not the case. The room will still be cold enough for you to be sufficiently pleasant, so it’s not like you will melt into a puddle of sweat or anything. Power-saving modes ensure that your AC runs well enough at lower power consumption.

Pay attention to the energy-efficiency rating

You may have noticed energy-efficiency star ratings on brand-new air conditioners—or any other home appliance, for that matter. Those are called Energy Guide Labels, and you would be surprised by how many people don’t know what energy star ratings really mean.

These star ratings are the first step to saving on your air conditioning bills. They tell you how much energy an air conditioner uses and how much it costs to operate. More stars mean more savings. But stars may also mean a slightly costlier AC.

To make their ACs energy efficient, manufacturers have to tweak the airflow, optimise the copper tubes, and improve the functioning of the compressor. All of this can add up to the total cost of the AC. But in the long run, 5-star ACs are not only easier to maintain but also typically have much lower running costs.

And this is where so many first-time buyers typically drop the ball. They underestimate just how much of a difference pricier, 5-star-rated energy-efficient ACs make in terms of energy savings compared to their cheaper, 2-star counterparts. So here is a thumb rule: if you want to maximise your energy bills on air conditioners and if your budget allows for it, get at least a 4-star-rated AC.

Size matters

Many people think that a bigger AC is better. But that’s not always true. Your AC has to be of just the right size if you want it to heat or cool your rooms while also keeping the running cost down. Here is why:

If you get an AC that is too big for your room, it will heat or cool it quickly and then shut off. We call this “short cycling” in fancy-speak. When ACs short-cycle, they consume more electricity than necessary, increasing your energy bills and carbon footprint. They also will wear out faster and require more frequent repairs and maintenance, reducing their lifespan and efficiency.

If you get an AC too small for your space, you have to deal with a different set of problems. Your AC will struggle to heat or cool your space adequately, especially on hot and humid or freezing cold days. It will keep running constantly and still not reach the desired temperature level, leaving your home feeling warm and stuffy and sending your electricity consumption right through the roof.

This is why you should always get an AC that is just right for your space. A properly sized air conditioner will run efficiently and effectively, providing you with optimal cooling performance and indoor air quality. You can get in touch with AC manufacturers and dealers to find out which size of AC will be perfect for you.

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