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As ActronAir turns 40, we’re celebrating our roots alongside 2600 other local businesses and the official Australian Made campaign. We’re excited to highlight the exceptional quality and innovation of our products designed and built right here in Australia. 

ActronAir is a proud Australian Maker. We’re Australian, family-owned and operated, and our air conditioning systems are engineered to withstand the unique demands of the Australian climate.

Why Choose Australian Made?

86% of Australians believe it’s important to buy Australian Made. But why?

When you buy Australian Made products, you support local businesses and ensure your items are designed for people like you. A wide range of ActronAir air conditioning systems are not just built in Australia; they are built for Australia.

Australian products are celebrated for their consistently high quality, as well as great service supporting those products. An Australian Made logo guarantees the item you buy was made in a clean, safe and sustainable environment.

How ActronAir Products are Made for Australia

Our Tru-Blue technology guarantees excellent performance when you need it the most: powerful cooling in the hottest temperatures and reliable heating when the temperature drops.

This technology also offers the best zoning options in Australia. So your home or business has a comfortable setting across the entire building. While North-facing rooms get the cooling they need, no one freezes in the South-facing areas.

Whether residential or commercial, our air conditioning systems are meticulously designed and manufactured to Australian standards. So, each system meets the high performance and durability requirements that Australian conditions require.

The ActronAir Advantage

ActronAir has an unwavering commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. We call this the Actron Advantage.

Our systems and controls are designed and built by Aussies, for Aussies, so they are reliable and powerful. This dedicated approach allows us to back our products with a single warranty, providing peace of mind to all Australians.

Australian Made ActronAir Products

To celebrate our 40th birthday and our Australian origin, we’re highlighting our most popular Australian Made products. These are all designed and built in Australia.

Advance Ducted Systems

Our Advance series offers state-of-the-art ducted systems that provide superior comfort and energy efficiency. With robust construction and advanced features, these systems are perfect for any home.

The Advance can support up to 3 wall controllers and 3 remote sensors, each of which can be assigned to a zone to provide better temperature control for better comfort.

NEO & L-Series Controls

Our NEO and L-Series controls work seamlessly with our air conditioning systems, providing intuitive and precise climate control.

The NEO control series is the most advanced integrated home air conditioning control platform yet. NEO’s high-quality components, sleek modern design, and easy-to-use interface bring air conditioning controls into the 21st century.  

The L-Series is the best in analogue control.

Add-On Series 2

The Add-On Series 2 integrates seamlessly with your existing heating system, offering a cost-effective solution to enhance your home’s climate control capabilities.  

The Add-On system’s indoor unit has a range of duct adaptor options to suit most duct works.

Commercial Ducted Systems

Available in fixed-speed, variable and tri-capacity models, our commercial ducted systems deliver reliable and efficient climate control for various commercial applications.  

Our wide range of smart, reliable and energy-efficient ducted air conditioners

provides the right choice for every application.

Commercial Packaged Systems

Also available in fixed-speed, variable and tri-capacity. Our commercial packaged systems are engineered to provide optimal performance and efficiency, ensuring your commercial space remains comfortable year-round.  

It’s flexible, energy-efficient and has advanced control functionality. This series has been developed with flexibility in mind, with a range of configuration choices, an array of advanced control options, and a design that is easy to install and service.

Every ActronAir product leaves you with the perfect climate inside, regardless of the weather outside. They also give you full control over your climate, across multiple areas (or ‘zones’) of the same building.

Support Local, Buy ActronAir

By choosing ActronAir, you are not only investing in high-quality air conditioning solutions but also supporting local manufacturing and job creation. Our products are built to last, designed for the toughest Australian conditions and backed by the best local service and support.

If you’re looking for air conditioners designed to perform in the harshest Australian conditions, support Australian-owned businesses and speak to us.

Watch Our Australian Made Story

Celebrate ActronAir’s 40th birthday as we have the huge honour of being included in a video series looking behind the scenes of Australian factories, workshops and farms. The campaign highlights businesses producing high-quality products in Australia.

Watch our Australian Makers video and discover the passion and expertise that goes into every ActronAir product. For more information on ActronAir and our origins, check out the video on the official Australian Made website.

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