Australia's most energy efficient ducted air conditioners

Designed to perform in Australian conditions

Australian-made ActronAir systems come packed with Tru-Blue Technology, a range of features custom designed to provide more energy efficient performance in one of the harshest climates on Earth.

Save up to $900 a year on your power bills*

Our wide product range includes Australia’s most energy efficient ducted air conditioners, including the Advance, which can reduce your power bill by up to 75% when compared to fixed speed systems.*

*Advance & ESP Platinum

Australia's best zoning

All of our premium Australian made ducted systems use our unique Tru-Zone technology to deliver Australia’s best zoning for the ultimate in choice, comfort and efficiency.

Our systems come with more inclusions

Better zoning means better savings

Zoning is a pretty simple idea – you divide your home into smaller areas which are then conditioned separately, allowing you to focus on the rooms you’re using and not bother with the rooms you’re not.

A simple idea, with potentially huge benefits – check out the calculator to see the impact zoning can have on your power bill.

*This tool is for illustrative purposes only, not as an example of actual usage pattern (which will vary from home to home), but rather to showcase the increase to energy efficiency that zoning can have when applied to the same usage patterns. Costs calculated for each zoning scenario are based on a usage pattern of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with power costs of $0.30c per kW/Hr using an Advance system with a Tru-Inverter.

So when picking your next air conditioner, make sure you choose a system that keeps your power bills comfortable too and make sure to ask for an Actron.

Air conditioning designed for Australia

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