Variable Capacity Commercial Ducted

Powering Efficiency, Innovating Comfort:
Unleashing the Future of Heating & Cooling.

Designed to deliver exceptional performance while ensuring energy efficiency, our Variable Capacity Commercial Ducted series is the ideal solution for retail and commercial applications. Packed with added value and an array of advanced features included as standard, this series has been crafted to provide flexibility and superior control functionality.

3 Phase

29.0kW, 33.0kW, 72.0kW, 85.0kW, 96.0kW


Variable Speed Compressor

Operating Range

From -10ºC up to 57ºC




  • High Static Condenser EC Fans

    The high static EC fans excel not only in efficiency but also in providing a quieter performance. They are engineered to deliver a rated outdoor airflow of up to 90Pa, offering the added convenience of selectable 10Pa increments.”
    * applicable on the 72~96kW units

    Inverter Compressors

    Providing dynamic management of indoor air temperatures, delivering a superior level of year-round comfort while concurrently setting new benchmarks in energy efficiency within the industry.

    High Static EC Plug Fans

    High static EC Plug fans showcase outstanding efficiency thanks to their advanced motor technology. They enable precise variable speed control, systematically adjusting airflow and optimising energy usage to match specific demands, making them suitable for applications with pressure requirements of up to 500Pa.
    * applicable on the 72~96kW units.

    Coated Coil Protection

    ActronAir employs Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coil Coat protection for both the indoor and outdoor coils. This specialised coating serves a dual purpose: mitigating corrosion resulting from the challenging Australian environmental conditions and enhancing the defrosting mechanism, thereby augmenting the overall heating efficiency.

  • Low Ambient Cooling

    Our systems excels at delivering efficient cooling, even when faced with outdoor temperatures as low as +5 degrees. This feature proves invaluable in regions where the weather can be quite cool, and the need for cooling persists despite low outdoor temperatures such as applications with a high internal load all year round.

    Double-Sloped Main Drain Tray

    The main drain tray has been ingeniously engineered with a double-slope design, significantly enhancing the unit's drainage capabilities.

    Insulated Performance

    Includes 25mm foil-faced insulation as a standard inclusion, reinforced with welded pins for increased durability. The insulation improves efficiency by reducing heat gain or loss and also offers a healthier choice due to is resistance to mold and mildew.

    Access Made Easy

    Crafted with utmost attention, the units have been designed to provide hassle-free maintenance. With a focus on accessibility, they are equipped with up to four access points, ensuring effortless reach for all services and maintenance tasks.

    Louvered Grille Guard

    Embracing a unique powder-coated louvered grille guard, this product assures protection against the most challenging conditions encountered in Australia. From hailstorms to the relentless solar impact of the sun, this design is specifically crafted to shield against the natural elements.

Going above and beyond, delivering temperature control during peak demand.


Powerful Performance with Tru-Max

The Variable Capacity Commercial (VCC) units provide a wide range of heating and cooling capacities, ensuring reliable and precise temperature control even during peak demand. These system optimise energy efficiency and can exceed the rated capacity by up to 10% all whilst maintaining utmost comfort and ensuring the system’s efficiency even at Tru-Max capacities.

Quiet Mode

The "Quiet Mode" feature elevates the cooling/heating experience to unprecedented levels of serenity. With a simple activation, this setting initiates a range of enhancements that optimise the performance of the outdoor unit during cooling or heating operations. These modifications involve adjusting the compressor and outdoor fan speeds to align with a pre-determined operational speed while keeping the indoor fan unaffected.

By enabling the "Quiet Mode", businesses can enjoy a remarkable reduction in sound power emitted by the outdoor unit, reaching up to 4db lower than normal.

Adaptive Defrost Logic

During heating operation, it is crucial to maintain ideal conditions for efficient functioning. However, factors such as low airflow or insufficient refrigerant levels can result in a decline in outdoor coil temperature. To address this concern, the adaptive defrost logic steps in.

With the integration of our advanced OD coil sensor, our system is equipped to detect temperatures of -5°C and below, as well as abnormal low pressure within the system. When these conditions are identified, our innovative Adaptive Defrost logic promptly initiates the Defrost process. This intelligent features ensures that the system operates flawlessly, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Turbo Mode

When faced with challenging ambient temperatures, our "Turbo Mode" function offers a practical solution for rapidly and effectively cooling or heating spaces. This feature is designed to achieve optimal temperature conditions in a timely manner.

With Turbo Mode, users can activate this high performance setting for a duration of 30 minutes. During this time, the system will heat or cool whilst working at its maximum capacity to quickly adjust the temperature to the desired level. Once the 30-minute period elapses, the system seamlessly returns to the pre-established settings, ensuring a smooth transition.

We understood that different situations may require a boost in temperature control, and that's why we empower our users with the flexibility to reactivate the Turbo Mode as needed. This way, users can easily adapt to changing circumstances or address immediate temperature concerns within the environment.

Our inverter compressor technology offers precise control of indoor air temperatures,
ensuring superior comfort while leading the way in energy efficiency.

The Variable Capacity Commercial series incorporates innovative inverter compressors that adapt to the specific operating conditions, bringing forth several advantages such as;

Energy Efficiency

Actron's inverter compressors minimise the energy required, optimising the system's energy efficiency and ultimately maximising performance with optimised efficiency.

Consistent Comfort

The precise control of the inverter compressor ensures a consistent and comfortable indoor environment, reducing temperature fluctuations.

Cost Savings

By reducing energy consumption, this technology results in substantial cost savings, making it an economically viable choice for business seeking efficiency.

Split Ducted Vertical Discharge Indoor

The Variable Capacity Commercial Split Ducted indoor units have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the diverse demands of different sites.
To enhance their adaptability, we offer the option of vertical discharge, allowing you to tailor the units precisely to your site’s unique requirements.

Systems and controls designed with each other in mind.

The best performance come when air conditioners and controls are designed with each other in mind. That’s why we offer the widest range of controls that have been designed and built from the ground up by us, for us.




  • NEO
    Control in style.
    NEO brings the best in premium touchscreen technology to more people than ever before.
  • More Options
    Controls solutions for almost any commercial applications.

    ActronAir offers a range of controllers to cater to commercial requirements, from our award winning NEO through to the Group Controller and Modbus BMS where you have the flexibility of remote site monitoring.

ActronLink provides quick and easy commissioning.

Unlock the future of HVAC commissioning with ActronLink, your ultimate tool for seamless configuration in the Variable Capacity Commercial series.

From setting up economy cycle to configuring desuperheaters, ActronLink provides contractors with quick and easy commissioning, all in the palm of their hand.

*Bluetooth Commissioning Tool (BCT) is a standard inclusion on the 72kW~96kW Ducted units. It can also be purchased as an optional extra from ActronAir for the smaller units.

The best warranty for total peace of mind.

Our VCC Commercial Splits have a year 2 warranty.

*Refer to full warranty terms and conditions.

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