ESP Platinum

Unequalled performance and efficiencies.

ESP Platinum’s world leading Tru-Inverter technology delivers the perfect amount of heating or cooling, right down to a fraction of a degree. It reaches your desired comfort level quickly and keeps it there with unequalled control.
1 Phase

11.80kW, 13.70kW, 16.80kW

3 Phase

14.0kW, 16.0kW, 19.0kW, 21.0kW


Tru-Inverter Variable Speed Scroll

Operating Range
-15ºC – 50ºC




  • Indoor Features

    Integrated zone card

    All indoor units come with integrated zoning ready for up to 8 zones.

    Efficient EC Inverter Indoor Fan

    ESP Platinum’s highly efficient EC fan technology allows for sound reduction indoors while also providing incremental airflow adjustments when zones are turned off.

    Safety Drain Tray included as standard

    Removes the need to purchase as an additional accessory.

  • Outdoor Features

    Louvered Grille

    The ESP Platinum range is engineered using only the very best quality components. With its unique powder coated louvered grille guard, it ensures better airflow and protection against Australia’s toughest conditions.

    Coated Coil Protection

    The ESP Platinum uses blue fin epoxy coated protection on its indoor and outdoor coils, which helps to reduce corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions, as well as assisting the defrosting process, thus improving heating efficiency.

    3 speeds for wider and quieter operation*

    Our ESP Platinum system's outdoor unit features a 3 speed fan that not only provides cooling in temperatures as low as +5°C, but also allows for quieter operation.

    *Three phase models only


Feel better and save money with vertical discharge
In Australia, most outdoor units are installed down the side of the house, up close to a fence. And because we design our systems specifically to suit Australia, of our Australian-made ducted units come with vertical discharge which makes them much better suited to typical Australian homes, delivering better comfort, more reliability, and greater energy efficiency.

Savings that pay for themselves

The energy savings in an ESP Platinum system can make a huge difference, delivering performance that is up to 75% more efficient than conventional fixed speed air conditioners, which over 5 years would save up to $4,500 on your electricity costs for cooling alone.

Energy Smart Zoning

When you leave a room you turn off the light to save electricity, right? With Energy Smart Zoning, you can do exactly the same thing. Your house can be split into different zones, right down to a single room.

Variable Fan Technology

With Variable Fan Technology, ESP Platinum can adjust its airflow so that it operates right down to 20% of total airflow capacity, delivering just the right amount of conditioned air to the zones you want it to.

Australia's best zoning.

ESP Platinum comes with True Zoning for the ultimate in comfort and efficiency. 

Choose from more zoning options than any other brand.

Our systems come with more of what you need.

Our Australian-made ESP Platinum system comes packed full of features that remove the need to pay
for expensive aftermarket upgrades, or clutter your walls with extra zoning modules.

Zone Card
Up to 16 Temperature
Sensing Points
Temperature Sensor
Zone Control

Smarter performance through advanced technology.

Systems and controls designed with each other in mind.

The best performance come when air conditioners and controls are designed with each other in mind. That’s why we offer the widest range of controls that have been designed and built from the ground up by us, for us.


Control without compromise.

QUE is the most advanced integrated home air conditioning control platform yet. QUE’s high quality components, sleek modern design, and easy to use interface brings home air conditioning controls into the 21st century.

QUE Touch Master Controller & QUE Connect app included as standard. QUE Zone and QUE Sense sold as additional upgrades.

It's better when everything works together.

Because we design and build controls specifically to match our systems, they come with smart Unity IQ control logic that ensures every element within the system works in perfect unison to give you the comfort you’re after.

A lot of other systems out there require you to manually adjust all sorts of different elements of the system in order to maintain your comfort.

Well, Unity IQ makes it easy – simply choose the temperature you want, and it takes care of the rest.

The best warranty for total peace of mind.

All of our Australian-made ducted units and their controls come covered by a single 5 year warranty.*

*Refer to full warranty terms and conditions.

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