Australia-proof air conditioning

Choose the air con that’s built Aussie tough

When you pick an air conditioner you should expect to live with it for a long time – at least 10 years. That’s why it’s so important to choose a system that is built tough enough to keep performing properly over the long haul.

Designed for comfort, Built to last

All of our Australian made ducted systems are designed to perform in Australian conditions.

Our Australian designed & built systems come with Tru-Blue technology, a range of features custom designed to suit our unique conditions, homes and lifestyle.

  • Powder Coating

    Provides a tough and durable finish that’s highly resistant to corrosion, flaking and scratching.
  • Louvered Grille

    Keeps your unit protected from the elements like hail, or stray balls kicked by kids playing in the backyard.
  • Hydrophilic Blue Fin Coil Coat

    Provides additional protection to reduce corrosion and increase durability in high temperature and salt-laden environments.

The best warranty, for total peace of mind

Comprehensive 5 year warranty on all Australian made ducted systems.

When it comes to longevity talk is cheap, which is why we prefer to put our money where our mouth is – all of our Australian-made systems come with comprehensive warranty support, covering your unit and your controls for 5 years. 

So when picking your next air conditioner, choose the system that will be with you for years to come and make sure to ask for an Actron.

Air conditioning designed for Australia

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