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What is a set temperature?

A set temperature is simply the temperature that you want your air conditioner to maintain in your home. For example, if it’s hot outside you might want it to maintain a temperature inside of 24°C – in that scenario, your set temperature is 24°C.

This dictates to your air conditioner how hard it needs to work in order to bring conditions in your zone to this temperature, and how hard it needs to work to maintain the temperature once it reaches it.

As a general rule of thumb, for every 1°C decrease of set temperature that you want, it can add up to 10% to your air conditioning power bill. That’s where smart management of your temperature can really make a big impact – for example, on a hot day instead of setting your temperature at 21°C, you may find that you feel (almost) as comfortable at 24°C, which can be a lot easier on your air conditioner (and a lot easier on your wallet too).

For more tips on smart use of your system, why not learn more about the different modes you can use, or how zoning can really boost your comfort and your efficiency.
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