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Why choose Ducted air conditioning?

There’s a lot to love about ducted air conditioning.

Typically, they provide the most powerful heating and cooling in your home, which makes a huge difference in keeping you comfortable in the temperatures where you need it most. Because we design our systems specifically to perform in Australia’s uniquely challenging climate, our Australian made systems come with a range of smart design features that will keep you more comfortable in extreme conditions. Find out more here.

If they are sized, zoned, and installed correctly, they are often significantly more energy efficient than the other options out there, leaving you with smaller power bills.

Speaking of zoning, a great feature of Ducted systems is their ability to zone to better suit your home and lifestyle. And while other brands offer zoning, only ActronAir system offer Tru-Zoning – Australia’s best zoning. Find out more here.

Ducted systems also typically provide you with more advanced controls and zoning options, including mobile control apps, touch screen controls, and advanced zoning. Find out more about our award winning range of controls here.

Finally, the discrete design of Ducted air conditioners is also a great. Unlike Wall Hall Split systems, which have their indoor unit mounted on your wall, Ducted units are for the most part invisible, with the ducting, zone barrels and indoor units all sitting inside your ceiling. The only elements of the system you typically see are the outlets in your ceiling and the controls or sensors on your wall.

If that sounds good to you, why not learn more about our wide range of efficient ducted systems?

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