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How are Ducted systems different from Split systems?

There are a number of differences between Ducted and Wall Hung Split systems.

A big difference is the amount of heating or cooling they can provide. Typically, Split systems are suited to treating smaller spaces like a single room, whereas Ducted systems are better at treating your entire home. That’s because Ducted systems usually come in bigger sizes than Split systems, allowing them to provide more powerful comfort to bigger areas.

Another obvious difference is how they look. With a Split system the indoor unit is usually mounted on your wall, whereas for the most part Ducted systems are more discrete, with most of the components of the system (like the indoor unit and ducting) installed inside your ceiling space, with the ceiling vents and the wall controls/sensors the only visible parts of the system inside your home.

Another crucial difference is zoning and advanced controls. For true efficiency and comfort, zoning is extremely important, and while Split systems can provide you with some advanced control options, for example mobile control apps like our Easy Connect, they don’t offer you any zoning options.

On the other hand most Ducted systems typically offer a wider range of controls to choose from – learn more about our award winning controls. And importantly, most Ducted systems also provide you with zoning options – thanks to our unique Tru-Zoning, no one does zoning better than ActronAir, with more choice, more inclusions, and smarter performance.

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