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How much does an ActronAir system cost?

When it comes to getting an air conditioner installed in your home, the typical costs can roughly be broken down into 3 areas:
  • Air conditioning system
  • Parts & accessories like ducting and ceiling vents
  • Labour

As you can imagine there is a lot of variance in the final cost of a fully installed system, based on the unique needs of the specific job:

  • What features did you want? Adding on desirable features like advance controls or premium zoning can add to your costs.
  • How big of a system did you need? As a general rule of thumb, the bigger a system is the more expensive it will be.
  • What type of system did you buy? Prices vary dramatically based on the type of system you buy, with Wall Hung Split systems being significantly cheaper than Ducted systems. And even within the Ducted category, the prices can vary between a more basic system versus a more premium system.
  • What quality parts and accessories did you use? Premium accessories, like linear grilles and better insulated ducting, can bring premium aesthetics and performance, but are also more expensive.

Our wide range of award winning ducted systems has a great solution for every budget, you can learn more here.

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