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What are split systems best for?

Split systems, also commonly known as Wall Hung Split systems, are one of the most common options for cooling homes. Typically substantially cheaper to purchase and install than a Ducted system, Split system air conditioners are best used to cool and heat single rooms/smaller areas inside of your home.

Wall Hung Split air conditioners are normally more energy efficient than other ‘smaller’ systems, like Window or Portable units, so although Split systems have higher up-front costs than those other ‘smaller’ options, they are cheaper in the long run thanks to their lower energy costs. It’s important to understand that each Split system on the market is different, with different performance figures, features and control options, so make sure you find a product that gives you what you’re looking for.

For a premium Wall Hung Split option, why not check out our Serene series – it’s designed to work well in Australia’s unique conditions, provides efficient comfort, and is compatible with the Easy Connect mobile app.

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