Tailored capacities, optimal performance, elevating energy efficiency.

Discover the impressive capabilities of the ECOFLEX Mini VRF system, delivering personalised comfort through its flexible zoning feature. Effortlessly adjusting temperature and air distribution in individual spaces, it ensures optimal conditioning precisely where needed. Designed for tranquillity, this system operates quietly, making it an ideal choice for bedrooms, living areas, and workspaces.

1 Phase

8.0kW, 10.0kW, 12.0kW, 14.0kW, 16.0kW, 18.0kW

3 Phase

12kW, 14kW, 16kW, 18.0kW


Inverter Twin-Rotary

Operating Range

-20ºC up to 52ºC




  • Indoor Features

    Wide Selection of Indoors

    The ECOFLEX Mini VRF systems provides a versatile solution with a selection of 11 distinct indoor units designed to cater to a wide range of application scenarios, including but not limited to homes, offices, villas, and restaurants.

    Self-Cleaning Heat Exchanger

    The self-cleaning process involves using freezing frost to solidify and break down dirt on the heat exchanger, followed by high-temperature sterilization to eliminate any remaining impurities. This combination enhances efficiency, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning for optimal performance and hygiene.

    Auto Cooling - Heating Changeover

    The system can autonomously determine whether to activate the cooling or heating mode based on the selected temperature setting. This automatic mode selection optimises energy efficiency and ensures that the indoor environment is consistently maintained at the desired temperature without manual adjustments.

    Cold Air Prevention

    Upon initiation of the warming process, the fan speed automatically adjusts based on the coil temperature to prevent the discharge of cold air. Once the warm-up is complete, the fan speed can be manually set to the desired level.

    EEV Automatic Adjustment

    In heating standby mode, the indoor unit of the system adjusts the opening of the EEV according to the load it is handling. This intelligent adjustment aims to minimise the noise produced by the flow of refrigerant, ensuring a quieter and a more comfortable environment.

  • Indoor Features

    R32 Refrigerant

    ActronAir is environmentally aware and considers the potential impact and cost effectiveness of the refrigerants it uses. That’s why ECOFLEX Mini VRF utilises R32, with a substantially lower Global Warming Potential than some alternative refrigerants, while enjoying the benefits of optimised energy efficiency.

    Intelligent Systems

    With its advanced self-learning capabilities, these systems constantly analyses operating parameters to optimise performance. By utilising smart algorithms, the systems will always operate at its peak efficiency, ensuring comfort and cost savings for years to come.

    Long Piping Capability

    ECOFLEX Mini VRF systems are designed for small and medium-sized buildings, with a total piping length capability of up to 300m. It accommodates a level difference of up to 50m between indoor and outdoor units and up to 15m between indoor units, making it well-suited for a variety of building configurations.

    Wide Combination Ratio

    In contrast to the conventional Mini VRF systems with a combination ratio of 50-130%, the ECOFLEX Mini VRF extends this range to 50- 160%. This broader combination ratio facilitates a more flexible system configuration, particularly advantageous for long-term part-load operation scenarios. This adaptability not only enhances system efficiency but also contributes to a reduction in installation costs.


Full DC Inverter Technology

ECOFLEX Mini VRF systems employ a full DC inverter compressor for precise and continuous speed adjustments based on system operation. This feature guarantees that the system consistently operates at its optimal condition, resulting in enhanced efficiency and reduced noise levels.

Wide Operating Range

ECOFLEX Mini VRF systems are made for Australian weather conditions, which can exceed temperatures of 46°C. Unlike most overseas air conditioners with a maximum operating temperature range of up to 46°C, ECO FLEX Mini VRF systems can operate across a wide spectrum, spanning from -20°Cto 52°C.

DC Components

ECOFLEX Mini VRF series capitalises on a suite of advanced technologies, including DC inverter compressor, DC electronic control boards, and DC outdoor fan motor. These advanced components synergise to enable precise and continuous speed adjustments, precisely aligning the system’s operation with real-time requirements.

Low Standby Power Consumption

In contrast to the standby power consumption of approximately 30W in traditional VRF systems, the ECOFLEX Mini VRF employs an optimized control scheme, effectively lowering standby power consumption to as minimal as 3.5W.


HyperLink Communication

The HyperLink communication technology accommodates various wiring patterns, not limited to the daisy chain connection. This helps cut down installation costs and lowers the likelihood of incorrect connections.

Anti-interference Capability

ECOFLEX Mini VRF systems feature special waveform restoration technology, boosting anti-interference performance for exceptionally stable communication of distances of up to 2000m .

Virtual Sensor Backup

By employing digital algorithms, each physical sensor creates a corresponding virtual sensor, serving as a redundant counterpart. This redundancy guarantees that the system’s functionality remain sun affected even if one of the sensors encounters a failure.


Where intuitive controls meet personalised comfort

ECOFLEX Mini allows you to control air conditioning in different living spaces with ease and precision. With its intuitive control systems, ECOFLEX Mini ensures that you can effortlessly adjust the temperature in any room to your desired comfort level.

The best warranty for total peace of mind.

Our ECOFLEX Mini VRF system is covered by a 5 year warranty.*

*Refer to full warranty terms and conditions.

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