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What is zoning, and why should I care?

In short, zoning is the method of sub-dividing your home into smaller areas (or “zones”) that you then condition separately.

And the better zoning you have, the better comfort and efficiency you will enjoy.

It’s a simple concept but of course the devil is in the detail, with the different brands out there all delivering zoning differently.

And while other systems give you zoning, only ActonAir provides Tru-Zoning – Australia’s best zoning, which provides you with More Choice, More Inclusions, and Smarter Performance.

*This tool is for illustrative purposes only, not as an example of actual usage pattern (which will vary from home to home), but rather to showcase the increase to energy efficiency that zoning can have when applied to the same usage patterns. Costs calculated for each zoning scenario are based on a usage pattern of 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, with power costs of $0.25c per kW/Hr

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